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Virtual CFO Services: Overview

While The Numbers Edge is about sharing experience, providing guidance, and giving small business owners an edge towards success, a relationship with a CFO is much more personal.

That's why the process of engaging in virtual CFO services is also personal.  We have many great CFOs on our team.  It is important to give consideration to the specific attributes of each business when providing a match, because the goal is to make a match that lasts for years.

Considering whether our team is right for you to provide Virtual CFO services requires a conversation, to get to know each other.  Let's get started!

How Does Our Virtual CFO Service Work?
Two Paths to Virtual CFO - Your Choice!
Path 1: Fixed Scope, Fixed Cost
Scope includes three specific CFO areas of focus:

1. CFO to look through the company accounting and financial reports personally each month.

2. CFO to meet (phone/video) with the company's bookkeeper or head of accounting to discuss the monthly accounting, provide mentorship, set goals, answer questions, and align on the financial health of the business.  (This step is optional at the discretion of the CEO).

3. CFO to meet (phone/video) with the CEO or management team to present the financial report, discuss the trending financial health of the business, answer questions, and participate in management discussions if requested.  (This step is optional at the discretion of the CEO).
Path 1 is Ideal For:
  • Business owners who want the peace of mind that a qualified CFO is looking over their books monthly.
  • ​Companies with only a few ad-hoc projects, which intend to mostly stick to the fixed scope.
  • Businesses that are not ready for budgeting, deeper financial analysis, cash flow forecasting, bank loan preparation or other major items that could significantly impact the scope.
Path 1 is $950/mo - $1,450/mo for most businesses, 
depending on company size
Path 2: Flexible Scope, Hourly Cost
Path 2 always includes the areas of focus from Path 1.  Those items are always the critical foundation to a CFO's ability to provide value and support to a business.  

Path 2 is ideal for companies that expect to use their CFO for other work beyond this scope, or for more flexibility.

Other areas of focus that are common for our CFOs in Path 2 are:
  • Preparing annual/quarterly budgets or monthly forecasts.  We love integrating forward-looking planning into the monthly meetings.
  • Quarterbacking the process of getting a line of credit or loan.
  • ​Developing a more robust management reporting package that tells the story of the business, including the connection between KPIs, leading indicators and financial performance.
  • ​Implementation of weekly cash flow forecasting processes.
  • ​Overhaul of the company's standard accounting procedures.
  • ​Leading the process of hiring an Accountant or Controller.
  • ​Taking part in strategic planning meetings with the management team.
  • ​Leading planning activities with advisors or tax preparers.
In an hourly, flexible relationship, you control the scope and cost (though we are happy to provide recommendations and options)
When you're ready for the next step, contact us for a discussion.
  We love to help and answer questions.  Feel free to contact us at Care @ 
Headquartered in sunny San Diego, CA

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