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The Numbers Edge Online Playbook

A combination of 
self-paced courses and template downloads 
to improve bookkeeping and financial management 
at your company

Learning to "Think Like A CFO" has never been easier!
If you don't hear any sound, check your volume settings!
What's Included With The Numbers Edge Online Playbook?
Turn Key Cash Flow Forecasting
  • Easy cash flow forecasting, ready to implement at your business!
  • Download the same Short Term Cash Flow Forecast and 13-Week Cash Flow Forecast models we use as CFOs with our clients!
  • Step-by-step video tutorials showing how to easily build and maintain cash flow forecasts each week.
  • Plan how much cash you will have available for next payroll date, and every payroll!  
  • ​Never again run low on cash on short notice!  Follow our cash flow forecasting processes, and this will never happen to you.
Hiring & Managing Bookkeepers & Accountants
  • ​Access to the interview questions we use when we interview accountants!
  • ​Follow our playbook to managing your bookkeeper, to get the best results.
  • ​Learn how to detect and deter the most common methods of bookkeeper fraud.
  • ​When is it time to hire a bookkeeper?
Understand & Analyze Your Financial Statements Like A Pro!
  • ​How to read your income statement like a CFO does.
  • ​Over 20 common cost savings ideas.  Start saving money today!
  • ​Markup vs Margin: How to price your goods and services correctly to make the most money.
  • ​Follow our step-by-step Guide To Building A Forecast or Budget.
  • How to monitor leading indicators of future financial performance.
  • ​...and much more!
Downloads, Downloads, Downloads!
  • ​Use the same models, spreadsheets and checklists we use with our clients every month!
  • ​Daily/Weekly/Monthly accounting process checklists.  Have more regiment and consistency in your company's accounting.
  • ​Cash flow forecasting models, with video instruction!
  • ​Sample daily and weekly dashboards you can use at your business.
  • ​Markup-to-margin conversion calculator.
  • ​Examples of financial statement formats we love!
  • ​Over 25 downloads from our CFO toolkit.
The Fundamentals of Bookkeeping & Finances for Startups
  • How to track your expenses the right way, for freelancers, new companies, first-time business owners, "solo-preneurs" and side-business owners.
  • ​How to pay yourself AND the IRS.
  • ​When should you open a separate legal entity?  What types to consider (and avoid!)
  • ​Tracking Who Owes You & Who You Owe like a CFO.
  • ​Essential tips for the business owner who also is the bookkeeper!
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