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The Numbers Edge Helps Business Owners 
Easily Understand Business Finances & Bookkeeping 
to Increase Profit 
Improve Peace Of Mind
Created Because Business Owners Who Understand Their Numbers Have More Profit, Lower Risk Of Failure And Greater Success Than Those That Don't.
To  Easily Understand Finances at Your Company, You Need 2 Things
1.  Education
2.  Guidance
Product 1 
The Playbook to Managing Your Business by Numbers
The 170-page must-read guide to business and finance for all entrepreneurs.
Business finances and bookkeeping fundamentals 
explained in simple, plain English.
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Product 2

The Numbers Edge Online Crash Course

Online Playbook,  Downloads  +  Video Training
30 self paced mini-courses and video tutorials
1. Fundamentals for All Businesses
2. Hiring & Managing a Bookkeeper
3. Analyzing Your Numbers
4. Cash Flow Forecasting
5. Wealth Building for Business Owners
Download the same templates, spreadsheets and checklists we use at our clients!
Product 3
CFO Membership Program
Start a relationship with a CFO you can trust today!
A monthly call with a CFO you trust about your business.
A CFO to ask unlimited questions about your accounting and business.
It's like having a best friend that's a CFO!
Product 4
Virtual Part-Time CFO Services
Guidance about the financial health of your business by an expert CFO.
Peace of mind that a trusted CFO is looking over your accounting & financials monthly, providing feedback and recommendations.

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What People Are Saying:
Their help with budgeting & forecasting provides a clearer picture of the future financial health of my business.

Debra E, Outside The Bowl
I so appreciate you!  So many lessons learned. I'm grateful for you. You are a blessing.

Vivian L, Omni Creative Labs
Their flexible solution offers smaller companies a far higher level of financial support than would otherwise be available to us, and at a great price. 
Paul P, Wireless Workforce
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The Playbook to Managing Your Business By Numbers
The 170-page guide to the fundamentals of bookkeeping, financial management and business strategy for all small business owners, including:
 The Easy Guide to Small Business Bookkeeping
 How To Read Financial Statements
 What To Do When Cash Is Tight
 Getting A Loan & What Banks Look For
 Budgeting & Forecasting Made Simple
 ... and SO much more!
50% of business owners go out of business within 5 years.  
Don't be one of those statistics!

This book will help to keep your company in business forever!  

You can't afford to miss out on this!
Learn the business and financial principles that are fundamental to experienced business managers, and how to avoid the mistakes of business owners that fail.
Learn to manage your business by numbers, read financial statements, understand your breakeven point, manage your bookkeeping and your bookkeeper, and manage through tight cash situations.
Every day you don't read this book could be costing you thousands of dollars!
The Numbers Edge Online Crash Course
Online Playbook, Downloads, Templates, Video Tutorials and more!
The fundamentals of small business finances made easy!
  • Download the same month end checklists, cash flow forecasting templates, dashboards and financial statement models our CFOs use with our clients!
  • ​Turn key cash flow forecasting process, including template downloads and video tutorials.
  • Learn best practices that improve efficiency, which creates time - a precious commodity we all need more of!
  • You will understand financial statements, proper bookkeeping, cash management, forecasting and more.
  • ​Dozens of cost savings suggestions.
  • Learn how to think like a lender before you apply for a loan.
EVERY business owner needs to run their company by the practices and information in The Numbers Edge.

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CFO Membership Program
"It's Like Having A Best Friend That's A CFO!"
  • The most affordable option to build a personal relationship with a trusted CFO.
  • Includes a monthly call with your CFO about your business - you bring the questions or the CFO can bring the agenda!
  • A connection where you can ask unlimited questions about your accounting or business, all month long, with 24-hour turnaround to receive a response.
  • ​Creates a trusted relationship where you can request projects or ad-hoc assignments to be completed.
  • ​A stepping stone to a Virtual CFO or a part time CFO.
Virtual CFO Services
Peace of mind that a trusted CFO is looking over your accounting monthly.
  • A CFO you trust looks through your books and finances monthly and meets with you to discuss the latest trends and suggested improvements to bookkeeping and company finances.
  • ​Establish a trusted relationship with a CFO that can scale as your company grows.​
  • ​Sounding board for financial matters.
  • ​Fixed or hourly monthly cost options; add projects as needed.​
  • ​Peace of mind that a trusted CFO is looking over your accounting monthly, providing guidance.
  • ​$950/mo - $1,450/mo for most businesses (based on company size).
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