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Use Everlance to Track Mileage
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Let's face it, tracking mileage is a pain.  Most business owners we work with don't do it well, which makes for a tough conversation with the tax preparer because there's some pressure to record an unsupported expense on the tax return.

The majority of miles I put on my car are for business because I drive to meet with a lot of accountants and business owners as a consultant and part-time CFO. I’m well aware that the IRS requires mileage tracking when using a business vehicle for a mix of personal and business use, and I care about maximizing the tax deduction I can get when I use my car.

This one won't apply to everyone... but if you need to track your business miles, and you drive for business more than personal, Everlance will make your life a lot easier.

Everlance is an app for your phone.

Everlance tracks your trip every time you go somewhere, recording point-to-point to capture total miles driven and time stamps. (You can shut the auto-capture off if you choose). So every few days, instead of filling out an expense report, you just swipe-right on each recent trip you want the software to log as related to "Work". You can fill in notes about what the trip was for, or you can permanently name an address that you'll travel to or from regularly. Then, when you need to, run a report that lists all of your work trips with the to/from locations, notes, and mileage.  

If you use a vehicle for both business and personal use, you need some kind of process for recording how many miles were for business travel that will be reasonably supportive if you’re ever challenged by the IRS. Like accounting, filing, and other administrative tasks, it needs to take minimal effort rather than be a burden on your schedule or a frustration to use. For me, Everlance fits this requirement.

Cost: $60/year. If this applies to you, it's worth it!
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