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The Playbook to Managing Your Business by the Numbers
For ALL Small Business Owners, Managers & Accountants

100% 5 Stars on Amazon Reviews!

  • Do you want more profit in your business?
  • Is this the first company you've ever been in charge of?
  • ​Does someone in accounting or finance report directly to you?
  • ​Would your business be more profitable if you had the playbook to "think like a CFO"?
If so, this guide to the fundamentals of small business management is a must-have!
The Playbook to Managing Your Business by the Numbers guides business owners to the approaches and tactics that all veteran business owners know, with an emphasis on how to make more profitable decisions using numbers and metrics.  
Key topics include:
  • How to manage your bookkeeping and/or bookkeeper to provide the right information.
  • How to read financial statements, and in what format they should be presented.
  • Looking ahead to plan the future finances of the company, instead of just looking behind.
  • ​What steps to follow when cash is tight.
  • ​How to manage the business by leading indicators of the company's future financial position.
  • ​Deterring & detecting fraud.
  • ​Get the edge you deserve on your competition, and your future, by knowing your numbers!
Recommendations from Veteran Business Leaders
"Wesley Lindquist created the perfect playbook for any entrepreneur or small business owner! I have built 14 start-up companies in my career and would have paid anything, to have that much helpful information at my fingertips! This book gives you the most important information you will ever need!"

- Lon Safko, Entrepreneur, and Bestselling Author
Wes Lindquist is a consummate professional when it comes to helping business owners organize their financial affairs. His new book provides a roadmap for anyone at any stage of their business development. If you are looking to better understand, budgets, forecasting, and how to improve the ultimate predictability of your finances then you need to read and study "The Playbook To Managing Your Business By the Numbers.”

- Greg Voisen Founder of eLuminate Consulting, and podcaster of Inside Personal Growth
"So few small businesses are actually profitable for their owners. The Playbook to Managing Your Business By Numbers shows business owners how to improve their bottom line and take more money home."

- Jason Akatiff, CEO of A4D, Inc
"This is a fantastic, practical playbook for business owners to understand their numbers and increase profitability."

- John Ovrom, CEO of Exit Consulting Group
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50% of business owners go out of business within 5 years.  
Don't be one of those statistics!

This book will help to keep your company in business forever!  

Every day you don't read this book could be costing you thousands of dollars!
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