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Our Passion and Mission
The Numbers Edge was created as a selfless way to share the vast knowledge and expertise our CFO consulting team has been fortunate enough to soak up from mentors, experience and from working for hundreds of small businesses owners across every possible business model.

We are always heart broken to see great, passionate, caring business owners underperforming and full of stress because they don't deploy the basic, fundamentals in managing their business by the numbers.

Our team dedicates our lives to teaching the fundamental principles of small business financial management to every business owner we meet - and the results are life changing. But helping just the people we meet isn't enough. That reaches so few people over the course of a lifetime compared to the tens of thousands that could increase their success if we could just find a way to share what we have seen work so well for so many others.
And so, The Numbers Edge was born as a medium to broadly pass on the tools, templates and knowledge that we are so eager to share with the world.

We love helping business owners WIN!  For nearly every business we meet, their greatest competitor is themselves, and their own lack of ability to understand their numbers and make decisions to improve the business based on them.  It puts some businesses out of business - the small business failure rate is high.  Being a business owner is not an easy gig.  Our mission is to improve the life of every business owner.  Yep, every one.  So pass this on to everyone you know.

We hope The Numbers Edge makes you more successful.  We give you our playbook, our templates and spreadsheets, our expertise, and access to our team through a monthly membership program so we can guide you to apply these tools to your unique business.

We're cheering for YOUR SUCCESS!  Please let us know if there's anything we can do to enhance it.  We love to help.  

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The History
The Numbers Edge was founded by Wes Lindquist.  That's me.  I've been so fortunate to have a storied career as CFO for well over 100 companies, from startups through over $400 million in revenue and everything in between.  Over the years, I've seen business owners experience all ranges of outcomes, from exuberant, life-changing successes to devastating, heartbreaking failures.  I've learned anyone can experience great success with the right recipe, no business is too big to fail, and the only thing every business owner can truly count on is that the future rarely turns out the way it was planned.

So, with a team of richly experienced and equally passionate colleagues, I founded Precision Financial ( to provide first-hand education and part-time CFO support to small businesses - to help more business owners WIN.  We have an amazing team that is energized beyond words when they see business owners achieve the success they've always envisioned and hoped for.

A consulting business just can't grow fast enough and large enough to help the tens of thousands of business owners we would love to reach.  Not all business owners can afford consulting help, and many aren't ready to work with someone from outside their business that they've never met before.  
So our team at Precision Financial decided to share our small business CFO playbook with the world, so that others could use it to help themselves or to share with their own finance teams that might not have been fortunate enough to have the great mentorship and experiences we have had over the years.

Our playbook is in The Numbers Edge, plus the book that was first released in 2019... plus so much more that we're working on putting into words and video every week that isn't quite ready for prime time yet. But it's coming.  

For now, we implore you to take and use everything we have to offer at this time - our downloads, our spreadsheets, our checklists, our video tutorials, our guidance - and to tell us what you need that isn't here yet so that we can create more tools to make YOU successful.

Our history is in the support of business owners that have experienced, and worked through great challenges. Our future is in changing the lives of thousands of business owners by providing the tools and knowledge so they can think like a CFO, manage their business by numbers, and experience the success they've dreamed of since the day the business was first started.

Our true version of "winning" is when we help others win.  That's what The Numbers Edge is all about.
  We love to help and answer questions.  Feel free to contact us at Care @ 
Headquartered in sunny San Diego, CA

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